R&D on Basic Technologies for the Creation of New Electronics Featuring "Flexible, Large Size, Light Weight, and Slim"/CRDS-FY2007-SP-10
Executive Summary

We propose a R&D strategy for the creation of new electronics featuring "Flexible, Large Size, Light Weight, and Slim" characteristics by integrating basic physics, chemistry and mechanics.
The devices and systems with "Flexible, Large Size, Light Weight, and Slim" characteristics include a wide range such as sensor, actuator, battery, display etc. In the case of display, for example, slim and flat type display is now taking up the large share in the market. However, the technology for "Flexible" function is not yet established. To achieve "Large size" display for future, "Slim" is indispensable in addition to "Light weight." To satisfy both the "Slim" and "Large size", "Flexible" function is required as macro dynamic function. These cannot be achieved by the extension of conventional silicon electronics, and the adoption of new device technology and new process technology is predicted to be essential.
Once the "Flexible" device is realized, new applications not even imagined today can be opened up. The meaning of "Flexibility" here includes "Expandable and Compressible", "Bendable", "Rollable", and "Foldable." The application can cover a wide range including expandable and compressible artificial skin for robots, sensors attachable to curved surfaces, roll-able large size solar battery, fold-able display, and the devices that can fit large size, curved or complicated shape objects.

The direction pursued by the new electronics featuring "Flexible, Large Size, Light Weight, and Slim" is different from that of conventional silicon electronics that pursues higher degree of integration and foster operation speed.
The new electronics aims at creation of new values. Although there are some accumulation of academic knowledge and elemental technology that support new electronics, it is not systematically arranged as one technological field. Along with the enhancement of academic base, close connection between the materials, process, device, and applied system is important.
To construct the basic technology for the creation of this new electronics, following R&D themes are proposed:

- Research on basic physical chemistry of "Flexible" material
- New process technology development and construction of process science
- Design and evaluation technology development

This strategic program is a revised edition of ‘"Flexible" Electronics Base Technology R&D’ issued in August 2006, of which scope has been enlarged and reviewed reflecting the rapid progress in Japan and other countries.