Promotion of Empirical Research on New Generation Network/CRDS-FY2008-SP-02
Executive Summary

The network industry is supporting the core national social infrastructure, therefore, it is very important for Japan, for the sake of industrial promotion and national security, to maintain advantageous standing in the international competition and continuous development. For that purpose, we must promote not only research and development of technologies but also training human resources who will have practical skills in mid-long term. In addition, in order to encourage the students who want to be researchers and engineers, the practical researches (Note) must be properly evaluated in university personnel evaluation systems or in academic societies, and the research system at universities that greatly influence the human resource training must be improved. Therefore, we propose the following research themes and promotion of a research system focused on practical research to train human resources.

1. Research on "new network architecture"
- Construction of models and theories on Internet and traffic behaviors
- Basic research on new network architecture free from the current Internet architectural concept
- Construction of large-scale, parallel, and integrated simulator and its application in order to study the architecture

2. Research on "network dependability"
- Research on ensuring stability and credibility as an important social infrastructure and its evaluation
- Research on highly credible network assuming large-scale disasters and its evaluation method
- Network architecture considering energy conservation

3. Research on "network information credibility"
- Research on information credibility
- Research on the social system affecting the information credibility

The research subjects in the IT, especially in the network field, have been chosen in order to meet the user's practical requirements such as data sharing, safe communication, fair and effective bandwidth use etc., and it is rare case that pure scientific research has created new application or practical use. Therefore, it is necessary to watch out such features to provide funds accordingly. For that purpose, it is useful to improve R&D in accordance with a series of process including extraction and arrangement of social needs and user's demand, and subsequent demonstration experiment and practical use.

(Note) The "practical research" here means research activity in which theories and ideas are applied, software system for practical use is implemented, actually used, studied, and evaluated in the network, or a research work in which the software, based on the findings or ideas of which theoretical proof is not clarified but obtained empirically, is implemented, used, and evaluated.