Theories and Technologies for Supporting Knowledge Creation in Organizations/CRDS-FY2008-SP-07
Executive Summary

After the eras of industrialization and informatization, the society is shifting toward the knowledge base society. In the knowledge base society, the "Knowledge" is highly valued rather than goods and information, and the production and utilization of valued knowledge is the resource for competitiveness. Under the study of the science technology for the knowledge base society, we have proposed to construct new science integrating the cultural science, information science, and cognitive science at the strategic initiative, "Challenge for Constructing Science for Producing and Utilizing Knowledge", in February 2008.

In this strategic program, we propose specific R&D themes and promotion method for the R&D in order to systematically construct the theory and technology on organization's knowledge creation support by focusing on producing new knowledge for the organization.

Specific R&D themes include observation and analysis, modeling and analysis, design and operation of site, supporting technology, and others. More specific examples are as follows: the observation and analysis - a behavior analysis of participants in a meeting using camera picture; the modeling - the modeling of knowledge sharing process or the modeling of the relationship between the individual model and organization model in the knowledge creation process; the site design - an office design stimulating creativeness; and supporting technology - the support of sensuous I/O, the support for enabling intuitive understanding and operation, the support for awareness, the support of metacognition verbalization, and the support for knowledge sharing by collaborative learning.

Assuming some of the sites, a research team, composing the researchers of information science, cognitive science, and business economics, is set up for each site to promote the R&D through the application of IT tools, methods, and theories. A steering team is also set up to examine assignments common to each team and to discuss systematization. Moreover, as a pre-step for executing full-fledged research programs, a workshop or feasibility study is executed to “educate” the researcher's communities.
By setting the knowledge creation in an organization – core activities in a knowledge base society – as a centripetal force, information engineering, statistical mathematical science, business economics, psychology, cognitive science, pedagogy, and others are integrated to lead the construction of the knowledge science ahead of the rest of the world, and a theory scheme is originated from Japan to demonstrate the global leadership in this field and to contribute to the advancement of science.

Disciplines are not yet made clear for uniting the researchers in quest of the goal, "Constructing Science for Producing and Utilizing Knowledge", proposed in 2008 proposal. The only way to challenge the goal is to repeat the trials and errors for gathering the knowledge and will of the researchers who want to open up the unexplored field. This strategic program intends to provide the first step towards the goal.