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Medical Research & Development Platforms -Comparison of Research Systems in Overseas University Hospitals-/CRDS-FY2017-RR-01_EN
Executive Summary

The Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) (hereinafter referred to as “JST-CRDS”) is one of the public think tanks that exhaustively follows trends (panoramic view survey), performs analyses and makes proposals concerning science and technology (ST). With the aim of improving the quality of national healthcare and providing healthcare more efficiently, CRDS Life Science and the Clinical Research Unit have been conducting surveys on systems (medical R&D platforms) that promote medical R&D in advanced and emerging countries since April 2016. This study report summarizes the results of a case study analysis in the US, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea and Japan; with findings obtained based on a comparison of the cases and policy suggestions for establishment of a medical R&D platform in Japan.
This case study analysis was conducted in advanced university hospitals in the US, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea and Japan. In each institution, systems for medical R&D (medical R&D platforms), including organization, financing and governance, were examined. As a result, elements that help medical doctors (MDs) and Doctors of Philosophy (PhDs) to perform research were identified and structuralized (Table i). The organizational or financial independence of university hospitals was the common fundamental element observed in all the overseas cases.

Table 1:A Comparative Study of Space Technology:Symmary of evaluation results(2015)

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